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Abilene Inc. is the New York area’s industry leader in the design, sales, installation and service of boiler room and heating plant equipment.

A boiler system is the beating heart of a building distributing reliable heat and hot water to its occupants. A system malfunction can cause disruption and inconvenience. So its imperative for the safety and comfort of the residents that your building’s boiler system is well-maintained and built to last.

When it’s time to repair your buildings heating equipment, Abilene will make the process easy, and the results impeccable.

We will deliver a safe, efficient and properly functioning boiler system, while ensuring minimal interruption of heat and hot water for the residents. Our team of specialists will keep you informed at every stage, and precisely attend to each detail so your system endures for years to come.

For 75+ years we’ve been the tri-state areas leading comfort provider insuring the city’s multifamily and high-rise buildings with dependable heat and hot water. 

NY's Best Trust Their Systems to Abilene Inc: