Mark R. Huber

Mark R. Huber – Chief Operating Officer

Born on June 22, 1952 , Mark has been a member of the “Abilene Family” since January 1989. Upon his arrival his primary function was the expansion of the construction sales of the firm. In the days immediately following his arrival, sales at the company increased quickly and Mark redesigned his responsibilities to include the management of construction projects and the daily operations of the company.

In his current position, Mark oversees all daily operations including sales, construction, service, office operations, purchasing and payroll.

Prior to Mark’s arrival at Abilene , he worked for The Brooklyn Union Gas company in various positions. During his tenure with the company his responsibilities included the selling of natural gas in the extremely competitive “Dual Fuel” market. Mark was responsible for the conversion of “Ebbets Field Houses” which at the time was the largest conversion of a private residential housing complex in Brooklyn Union Gas Company territory. He was also instrumental in the design and approval of the “Free Gas Booster” program for customers requiring elevated gas pressures. This program enabled Landlords who owned properties in low-pressure gas distribution areas to convert to Dual Fuel Gas without incurring additional capital costs.

Mark served in the United States Air Force and was educated at Nassau Community College and Adelphi University obtaining a degree in Business Management.

Mark and his wife Joann reside in Cathedral Gardens , New York , where he has served as President of his Parish School Board, Chaired a Major Capital Improvement Fund Program and served as Chairperson of the annual Parish Festival. They have three married children.

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