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The Abilene Difference

Your One-Stop Boiler Shop

Whether you need a complete heating plant renovation, or an emergency fix at 3 a.m., Abilene is your source for everything heat related. 

We are the premiere design, build, install, and service boiler system company in the tri-state area.

A central heating system is a complex convergence of gas, water and electricity, so each aspect of the job must be managed by a licensed specialist, and adhere to strict regulations. Rather than hiring an assortment of subcontractors, we make it simple.

With Abilene you only need to make one call, and we handle it all.

Our complete team of licensed, in house specialists will work side-by-side on your project, coordinating every detail from inception to completion. Abilene’s family of companies all operate under one umbrella and provide every service you need:

Your Boiler Room, Before & After:

We’ll modernize your system so you can see at a glance exactly what’s happening: everything will be labeled, color coded, and tagged with arrows to show the direction of the flow. We’ll even educate your team in how to care for your system, so you can keep it healthy and prevent problems for decades to come.

When the job is complete, your boiler room will be so pristine you will want to proudly to put it on display. Many of our clients do. 

Before Abilene Upgrade
Before Abilene Upgrade
Before Abilene Upgrade
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After Abilene Upgrade
After Abilene Upgrade
After Abilene Upgrade

Our Commitment: Let’s Make Your Job Easier

A job well done isn’t just about what we accomplish, but also how we deliver. That’s why we make the process of working with us as easy as possible.

We communicate every step of the way.

Because our comprehensive in-house team will manage the totality of your project, you never have to worry about conflicts between contractors. All of our experts will be in seamless communication throughout the entire process.

We will make sure everyone on your team is informed. Property managers, resident managers, board of directors and occupants will all know what to expect, and when to expect it, so there won’t be any surprises.

Our administrative and compliance department will keep you current with all local regulations and requirements, and can handle municipal and regulatory filings on your behalf.

Once the project is complete, we’ll follow up to ensure you’re completed satisfied. A boiler system can endure for decades with proper care, so well continue to be available for support and service for years to come. 

We’re always available. 24/7

Emergencies happen at midnight but can’t wait until the morning. That’s why our service team is always on call to solve your problem any time you need it.

Since 1946, we’ve been providing the assurance of heat and hot water in buildings across the tri-state area. Even in times of disaster, like when Hurricane Sandy demolished our Coney Island offices, and when Covid-19 crippled our communities, our emergency response plan enable us to continue uninterrupted service to our clients.