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Compliance Solutions

If  you have a compliance problem, ABILENE has the solution…

Abilene has developed one of the most sophisticated Compliance Departments in our industry. Our experienced staff can assist building Owners and Managers with;  violation removal and resolution;  Department of Air Resources Permit filings;  Triennial Renewals;  Department of Buildings annual inspection filings;  Fire Department violations and New York State Fuel Oil Storage Tank filings and renewals.

Our sophisticated in-house computer system is linked, via the NYC BIS interface, with most of the New York City Municipal Agencies.


  • NYC Dept. of Air Resources & NYC Dept. of Environmental Protection
    • Triennial Renewal of Certificate of Operation
    • Triennial Renewal of Registration Certificate (Registration & Renewal)
    • Renewal/Registration of Emergency Generators
  • ¨NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation
    • Petroleum Bulk Storage Permits (Registration & Renewal)
    • N.Y.S. D.E.C. Clean Air Act Permit
    • Regulatory Fee Determination Unit in conjunction with Clean Air Act Permit
    • Oil tank abandonment/replacement with NYS DEC and FDNY
  • ¨NYC Dept. of Buildings Bureau of Electrical Control (BEC)
    • Assist in filing BEC 16A form for Permit
    • Schedule all electrical inspections (Bulletin 8)
    • Secure electrical certificate
    • Assist with correction of violations
  • ¨NYS Dept. of Energy
    • Crude Oil Refunds
  • ¨ Nassau County Dept. of Health
    • Oil Tank Filing/Abandonment/Testing
    • “Permit to Store Toxic/Hazardous Material”.
  • ¨NYC Dept. of Buildings
    • Annual Low Pressure Report LL 62/91
    • Obtain final “sign-off”
    • Dept. of Buildings Filing OP-49 & OP-46 Forms
  • ¨City of Yonkers
    • Boiler Permit Filing
  • ¨Town of Hempstead
    • Heating Report Filing
  • ¨Maintenance Services:
    • Chemical Boiler Water Treatment
    • Chemical Boil-Out Treatment
    • Chimney / Boiler Tube Cleaning
    • Service Contracts – Inception & Renewal
  • ¨Miscellaneous Consulting Services:
    • Dismissal of erroneous violations as issued by; (D.O.B./ ECB/ HPD/ FDNY/DEC, etc.)
    • Status Report on Building (pending violations, violations dismissed) issued by ECB and Dept. of  Buildings.
    • Affidavits provided to alleviate severity of penalty issued by ECB/FDNY.
    • Any and all violations as issued by the City of New York .
    • Adjournments of hearings with ECB.
    • Assist with J51/MCI filing.