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Anthony Logozzo

Senior Project Manager of Construction

Anthony was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He comes from a strong Italian family who values the importance of family. Anthony comes from a family where they were very involved in businesses that involved them “working with their hands.” Anthony was someone who started working from a very young age. He started with his father doing landscaping and from that moment, he knew he wanted to continue in a profession that required him to be hands on.

At the age of 14 years old Anthony started discovering electronical projects. He quickly developed a love for this profession and knew that he wanted to continue pursing this after high school. After high school he attended a trade school and began working in the industry. Anthony always wants to strive to achieve higher in his career. He began studying for his electrical license and soon he became a NYC Licensed Electrician. He joined the Abilene Family in 2001. Anthony started of as an electrical apprentice  when he first began with Abilene. With the daily tasks he was completing, Anthony learned all aspects of the construction of the boilers.  In 2005, Anthony was given the role of Foreman. With this new job title, Anthony ran his own crew. During this time he held high expectations that his crew needed to please Abilene’s  clients with every job completion. In 2008, Anthony became a Field Supervisor. During this time, he was overseeing all of the crews in the field. In 2012, Anthony then was given the title of Assistant Project Manger. This new title allowed him to interact with clients, property managers, municipal inspectors and building owners. Anthony is currently senior project manager and continues to full fill his duties and more to help make Abilene the number one company in the industry.

Anthony is a graduate of Bishop Ford High School in Park Slope and was educated in TCI in heating, air conditioning and refrigeration.

Anthony currently lives in Brooklyn, New York with his wife and twins. He enjoys the outdoors whenever he can spare some free time!

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