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Jeffrey Solomon

Chief Executive Officer

Born on June 16, 1954 , Jeffrey represents the third generation of the Solomon family to run Abilene, Inc. Although he was exposed to, and was a part of the family business from childhood, Jeffrey began working for Abilene on a full time basis in 1975. Jeffrey began his career with Abilene as a Service Technician and was highly regarded for his ability to solve difficult technical problems with various types of heating equipment. Jeffrey moved through the ranks of the Abilene organization becoming proficient at all of the trades required in connection with the maintenance and installation of all types of heating and mechanical equipment. Electrical wiring, pipe fitting, masonry and welding are only a few of the activities that were mastered by Jeffrey during his training. Jeffrey was instrumental in the design, development and implementation of many of the heating system safety controls and electrical components commonly used today in commercial and industrial heating and power plant operations.

In 1985, upon the retirement of his father and mother, Sidney and Elayne Solomon, Jeffrey assumed the role of President and Chief Executive Officer of Abilene. Under his guidance the growth of Abilene accelerated, with the company quickly moving to the forefront of the heating/mechanical contracting industry in the New York area. Jeffrey is responsible for overseeing all of the financial operations of Abilene , bid submissions, contract documents and other obligations produced in connection with all of Abilene ‘s projects. Jeffrey can frequently be found lecturing to local real estate groups or property management firms on the topics of heating equipment maintenance and upkeep, and occasionally in a boiler room evaluating a heating system.

Jeffrey is the holder of “Class A Oil Burning Equipment Installers License” issued by the City of New York in 1975 and the holder of a “NYC Master Electricians License”.  Jeffrey was educated at Richmond College where he majored in economics.

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