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Silver Hill Condominium in Roslyn, NY undergoes a Complete Heating Plant Replacement Project

The Board of Directors and Management company of Silver Hill Condominium had many factors needing to be addressed. It began when they found the underground heating and distribution piping between their 3 buildings, which was supplied by a single heating plant, was leaking. This reduced the buildings efficiencies and increased their annual maintenance and repair expenses. The underground piping traveled between the three buildings and throughout the basement floors to send heat and domestic hot water to the two outer buildings.

Abilene, under the direction of Meszaros Engineering, located in Lynbrook, NY; built 3 brand new boiler rooms, one for each building. High efficiency condensing hydronic boilers were installed to produce heat and domestic hot water for each building. New system piping is currently being installed to replace the old original heating plant. With that, the complex will be able to capture the space that was occupied by the old equipment and utilize it for future storage. Additionally, new gas services were installed for the two outer buildings.

The fully occupied condominium has been unencumbered by the entire scope of work. Careful coordination is crucial to the success of this project and Abilene’s management team, Einsiedler Property Management LLC. and the project design engineers from Meszaros Engineering have been completely in-sync to get this job completed within budget and without any major disruptions to the building’s occupants.

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