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145 4Th Avenue

The Mayfair is a Luxury elevator/doorman building in the heart of Union Square. The property consists of 209 Residential apartments within a 17 story high rise residential building with a two story commercial space building to the south of the high rise.

The owners of the building were spending an exorbitant amount of money to purchase energy in the form of high pressure steam from the utility company in order to provide heat and domestic hot water for the mixed use building. This was an extremely complex job that needed full attention in coordination and implementation.

There were many challenges to overcome. The building had no available space to install a 200 HP boiler and virtually no place to install a chimney stack so when the commercial space on the upper floor of the 2 story commercial building became vacant our engineering team went to work to design a new boiler room on its roof. The roof was reinforced for added support, a very attractive structure was constructed and the new boiler equipment was installed inside the new all glass structure.

Another challenge was to pipe all of the services to include low pressure steam, hot and cold water, natural gas, steam condensate and an electric feeder between the cellar of the 30 story high rise and the new boiler room on the roof without interrupting any of the occupied space. The owners of this building were extremely excited with a return on investment within the first three years.

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